As a designer, who studied fine arts (sculpture), industrial design, and computer science, I aspire to integrate all of my experiences and knowledge into one core subject: learning science to build meaningful educational technology to enhance computing education as well as creative thinking for young people.

I enjoy spending time with my 4-year-old Montessori-preschooler daughter who always craves to explore new things. We enjoy exploring all the museums and libraries in the Bay Area. My passion for learning science increased alongside her growth; I was compelled to create better scholastic materials and learning experience with the cutting-edge technology that would be apt for child development.

Because of this interest in instruction for young learners, I began to curate and produce videos of “STEAM DIY” projects with my daughter, Julia, we are experimenting with STEAM activities and share it through youtube to display our assessments for others to follow.

I earned undergraduate degrees in information technology, industrial design, and sculpture from Seoul National University, and a Master’s in entertainment technology in the computer science department from Carnegie Mellon University.