Digital Dream Lab


Digital Dream Lab was a team project for 2012 spring semester of ETC. We worked with Makeshop within Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, where children are provided with a hands-on workshop to learn about making through small projects. Sewing machines, woodworking tools, electronic circuit blocks, various other materials, and amazing facilitators provide children with an exploratory environment that starts with the simple question, “What do you want to make today?”

Our focus was to explore how a digital creation experience can function in the Makeshop. With a current gap and request to bring digital contents into the process, we proposed a tangible block interface for digital interactive experience with a visual storytelling framework. The physical blocks represent characters, actions, modifiers (applying varied colors and sizes) and backgrounds in the digital space, and a projector provide a screen for children to explore and create!

In this project, My role was an experience designer as well as a 3D artist. More detail can be found here:Digital Dream Lab

dsc_1427 dsc_1643 playtest

dsc_1643 block

template_scenario (1)



Producer: Matt Stewart
Art Director, Experience Design: Anisha Deshmane
3D Artist, Experience Design: Ji Yeon Han
Lead Experience Design, 2D Artist: Hyunjoo Oh
Lead Programmer: Feiran Li
Programmer, Experience Design: Xing Xu
Technical Coordinator: Michael Tsai

Hyunjoo Oh, Anisha Deshmane, Ji Yeon Han, Feiran Li, Matt Stewart, Michael Tsai, Xing Xu, Ian Oakley, “The Digital Dream Lab: Tabletop Puzzle Blocks for Exploring Programmatic Concepts”, TEI ’13, Barcelona, Spain – accepted

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